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Ready for the mission (3º Premio Amco)

Name: Sara

School: Colegio Los Olivos

Grade: 5th Grade

AMCO Flash Fiction Contest

(Redacción elaborada por Sara, tercer premio en este concurso de AMCO)

"Ready for the mission"

Once upon a time, a happy family of 3 lived in a tiny house. Mr. and Mrs. Williams had a daughter called Julia. She was 8 years old. She was a tall girl, with curly blond hair. She was creative, extroverted and very intelligent, and she loved learning new things about space.

On a sunny afternoon, they were going for a walk together, when they saw a toy store. Julia saw an amazing spaceship rocket toy, with lights and sounds. She told her parents that she wanted it for her birthday.

When that day arrived, their parents gave her a spaceship rocket made with cardboard.

- “That toy was very expensive and we don’t have enough money.” her mother said.

- “But we have made this one for you. Do you like it?” her father asked.

- “It’s not the same!” Julia shouted. She ran quickly to her bedroom.

Suddenly, her father had an idea to make her happy again. A few hours later, they called her. It was dinner time. Julia didn’t want to go, but she was very hungry.

When she got to the living room, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The big lamp of the living room looked like the sun, there were planets hanging from the roof, and stars all over the room. The sun was made with a yellow paper around the lamp, the planets were made with balloons, glue and watercolors and the stars were painted with fluorescent markers. Everything looked so shiny.

- “Are you ready for the mission?” Her mother asked.

The family played for hours together like they were in space. Julia was over the moon. She realised that she didn’t need expensive toys to be happy. All she needed was her family and a bit of imagination.

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